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tv   Journal  PBS  January 11, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal. what the headlines today this hour. >> islamist rebels advancing in mali, and confirmation french troops are on the ground to support the west african countries. what's after talking with his afghanistan counterpart, president obama says they will take a support role in afghanistan this spring. >> it is election time in germany and the chancellor's
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competition's popularity plunges. captioned by the national captioning institute >> hollande has announced the french troops have gone on an intervention in mali. this came a request for help out to the west african's country's president. >> they're continuing their drive southward. they already control two-thirds of the former french colony. >> they are on advance. they are now threatening to take this out as well. they are reported to have overrun the strategically important town in central mali. the army has so far been unable to recapture it. as the year grew that they could establish a safe haven for as long as the militants, there was growing pressure for assistance and now france has started
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military operations. >> french army forces gave their support this afternoon to units in mali to fight against terrorist elements. >> so far, the german government is holding back. >> a military solution alone will not solve the problem in mali. we must therefore intensify political efforts. >> in germany has cast doubt on whether they will help train government forces fighting the chaotic situation on the ground. the presidents of the french operation in the western african country will last as long as is necessary. >> in washington, d.c.,, and karzai meeting with president barack obama a winehouse. they were reviewing strategy for the future of the two country's relationship. >> he said u.s. forces would be
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moving into a support role by this spring. he said that it was within reach. he said the afghan government would soon start direct talks with the taliban. for more on this story, we're going live to our correspondent in washington. what do we know now about the new framework for the u.s. a moment in afghanistan? >> the details on any security agreement that would kick in after 2014. president obama pointing out the goals of any security agreements, the training and assisting of forces in afghanistan, and the second being targeting terrorists. how exactly they will achieve the goals, new details of potential troop numbers. those of the numbers everyone are waiting for. obama, it was very important for him to point out the nature of the mission was joining from combat to a mission that was
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purely a sustained, advising, and training. that tells us they're very eager to draw down as quickly as possible. >> what has been controversial in the talks today? >> it is all about trust and control. they do not trust president karzai. there's a feeling that he says one thing and then does another. that is always a problem. on the other hand, it is about controlling money, troops, missions. he is not happy about how nato and the americans conduct emissions and raids. often he does not know about them. often civilians get killed in the process, so he is unhappy about that. >> what will happen after 2014? >> that is the $1 million question. actually it is the $1 trillion question. that is how much the united states will have paid at the end
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of 2014 for this long list of wars that have ever had. what they have to show for it is 2000 dead soldiers and many more who were injured and came home traumatized. this war is not popular with americans. leading the troops there, they'll have to answer the question how much good it will do to leave a limited number of soldiers in the country? we have heard all kinds of numbers from 20,000 to zero. that is unlikely. it will probably be between 2500-9000. those are the numbers we have been hearing from the white house. the definitive answer will have to wait for a couple of months. >> max, thank you. rebels in syria said they have seized a ministry airbase from government forces. this is reportedly showing top draft of the battle for
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taftanaz. i have spent months trying to capture the base in northern syria and it is the second- largest base in the entire country. they said government forces have been hitting back with air strikes. >> leaders of the minority shia muslims are demanding better protection after more than 100 people were killed in a series of bombings targeting them. each team is planning responsibility for twin suicide bombings and a car bomb attack in quetta. in a separate last for more than 20 people killed in the town nearby. around 200 people were wounded in total in what was one of the more-violent days in recent years. >> laid to waste by twin explosions. one, set up by a suicide bomber. the second a car bomb intended
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to kill more people once paramedics, police, and media arrived minutes later. patrons were mainly from the shiite majority as they claim responsibility. >> this is extreme cruelty. they're bombing and other muslim. what can be worse? look at what they have done to our city. >> earlier, and other deadly explosion through the commercial district. they're claiming responsibility for the attack. and some say the local government has lost control. >> the chief of staff should send in troops and oust the provincial government. we do not want this anymore. to many families are being destroyed. >> quetta is the capital of
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this province and it has been the center of conflict for decades and also a flashpoint for sectarian violence. >> voters have been going to the polls in the czech republic to directly elect a president for the first time. nine candidates are competing. >> unsurprisingly, the front- runners include two former prime ministers, but an unlikely candid is livening up the race. social media campaign has catapulted him into third raise in the polls. >> composer and painter vladimir franz wants to become the next president of the czech republic. he is running as an independent. the unforgettable phrase of a protest movement against the political establishment. even he is amazed by the campaign.
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>> i was completely surprised. right from the very start, the response was tumultuous. >> for months, a legion of volunteers collected signatures for his candidacy and raised awareness. the effort struck a chord in many people. but distrust of politicians is rampant. for 10 years, the prague castl wase the home of the outgoing president. the corruption scandals are many and they have played to the czech government under his watch. he announced a prisoner amnesty. his beneficiaries included political allies. it is really not that surprising that a striking figure like franz, untainted by political
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past, is making a splash. he recently came in third. >> there are a few candidates who are not so pure or so clean. a few of them are connected with the corruption or some of the bad acts. i think that also a few of them are ready to cooperate. it is also an acceptable. >> campaign staffers working without offices. especially true social media. they gained 1000 new supporters every day including marketing professionals and filmmakers, all volunteers. the established parties spending millions on their campaigns. his people are young and the international and they are not as euro-skeptic as the majority of czechs. >> i'm afraid of many. the european union is doing now.
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his opinions are a bit more extreme. >> many people seem to be taking his licks in stride or even liking them. as before voting began, their orders to beating up campaign newspapers in the cafes. >> i'm not sure if this is the right guy for a presidency, but he is an interesting one. >> while he attracts all the media attention, there's little interest in the front runners, like the conservative former prime minister who also once headed the office of statistics. we asked the foreign minister if they oppose the establishment. >> i think they are fed up with politicians. >> it is that sentiment that has gotten him this far in the campaign. commentators have called him a potential king-maker. he is not a politician. his latest opera recently
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premiered and it is a science fiction work in which amphibian's take over the world. they are too clever for the human. they will show that they can also be clever about their elected officials. >> former on the presidential race in the czech republic, we are joined by our eastern europe correspondent to just came back from the czech republic. thank you for joining us. this is the first time people can directly elect the president. is this changing things? >> the new president will have more to say because he will be directly elected by the people. maybe he can be something like a moderator in this very different political scene. we have not seen much in the government that were able to and a regular term in office.
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there are social democrats on the one side and then the conservatives on the other. it is a very difficult, political scene. >> there is a wide field of candidates. >> the former prime minister who form the social democratic party in the 1990's is leading the opinion polls. he is quite a character, charming, humorous. he is very different than the other potential favorite, also a former prime minister, and a statistic expert. it is very much likely between these two and we will have to see what happens in two weeks because it is likely there will be a second round. what's the outgoing president
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was known for his euro- skepticism. what about his potential success or? >> they will have it much easier with prague and the czech republic after what is left. all the candidates are more or less pro-european. even the city would like to raise the european union flag at the presidential residence in prague castle, something they have never heard of. >> thank you. >> in soccer, a big name returning to the bundesleague. they are on the verge of resigning. >> the turkish-national team midfielder leading them to a 2011 title before moving to real madrid.
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he has been in liverpool this past summer. the struggle there and dortmund is hoping to bring him back to his best form. we will be back after a short break. don't go away.
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>> this is also a big election year in germany. the general election will not take place until the autumn, but political parties are already gearing up for a hectic year of campaigning. >> the social democrat or supporting open their pick, but he has plunged in the opinion polls. >> the campaign is barely under way, but already he is losing ground. no comment on why his support has plummeted in the latest poll by the biggest broadcaster.
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the 55% of the electorate would back angela merkel compared to 30% for the competitor. merkel's ratings are up and the competitor down 9%. the social democrats were hoping the election would turn them to government, but the numbers do not add up. asked about the level of competence, they give angela merkel top marks. previous the one of the most unpopular populations is now ahead. the leader of the free democratic party says they are just that 17%. it is a strong start to the year for angela merkel. despite concerns the ftp may not make it back, she now has her main rival firmly on their back foot.
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>> of course we are concerned, but i have been around awhile and i have seen this sort of thing before. it used a confidence, you can get out of these situations. >> the social democrats are trying to play down the polling numbers, but there is a feverish discussion on how to get the campaign back on track. >> for more on this now, we're joined bywhat issues are they lo focus on in order to win? >> they will focus on the good old fashioned a social issues to seal off the challenge from the left as well. they will be pushing their plan, for instance, for more fairness in the pension system. they're putting forward an idea for a legal national minimum
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wage, a debate that has been dragging on for a long time. these are the kind of issue they need to come out onto cement full support. he has been talking about limiting the power of the banks, for instance, even though his credibility is somewhat damaged because they see him too close to the industry, the banks in particular. he is faltering at the moment, but he can still come back if he focuses on these social justice questions. >> what about cdu? will this translate into votes for them when the election comes around? >> it's hard to say with nearly nine months to go until the election. there are more parties competing for votes than before. that makes things unpredictable. certainly, chancellor merkel and her party are looking good in the polls at the moment.
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having said that, the last two elections, the boats for conservatives have been a lot lower than they were predicting in the polls. certainly, they will be banking on angela merkel, the strongest electoral asset. >> simon young, thank you. >> angela merkel has called on cyprus to make major reforms of they are to receive a bailout from international creditors. >> according to reports, and they may need up to 80 billion euro in aid. angela merkel said any bailout would depend on them improving financial transparency. they're accused of being a hub of financial laundering. >> there is no end to the bad news about the european debt crisis. a bit of good news about the european budget deficit for
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schauble. german and had to borrow less than expected last year. -- germany and had to borrow less than forecasted. despite the economy cooling off, did of this is likely to shrink even more this year. on the friday market action, german shares finishing slightly to the upside, but down for the week. markets got a bit of a boost from optimism about a japanese stimulus plans to stimulate a recovery. conrad has this summary from the german stock exchange. but there was no euphoric reaction in frankfurt to the job fannies plan -- japanese plan. in demand, the euro. if the governments in tokyo actively weaken the yen and,
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consequently, the euro grows more expensive, then german exporters have a problem. they will lose competitiveness to those outside of the eurozone and. if we take into account the strong trading days of the beginning of this year, the dax remains to the upside. >> we will stay for a closer look at friday's numbers. dax up a smidgen, 7715. eurostoxx50 2717. across the atlantic, the dow also trading pretty much flat at 13,478 and the euro up against the dollar trading at $1.3347. >> cuba is set to get rid of unpopular travel restriction
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that has been in place for the past five decades. there do to eliminate the permit known as the white card which cubans have needed in order to leave the country. >> restrictions will remain in place to avoid a brain drain. this is part of president reimold castro's attempts to gradually open up cuba -- raul castro's plan. how much of a difference will it mean for ordinary cubans? >> in some ways, he is a pioneer. he is one of the first small business owners in havana. the business began his family. it is still not enough to afford to education. >> personally, we have this dream-like attitude towards
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traveling -- anywhere. sees something new. we would love to go off on holiday, but financially it's not possible. we just cannot afford it. >> even though the family is privileged. the grandfather lives in the u.s. than they could stay with him. that was their plan. they were denied a visa. u.s. authorities may have sensed their real intentions. >> my father wanted to bring the kids and me to the u.s. since we could not have traveled together, we got married. >> we wanted to emigrate because of the economy. people who want to leave do so for economic reasons, not political ones. >> there were foiled by an obstacle that is set to remain in place, to visit almost any
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country, a visa is needed. they're issued only under very strict conditions. the 66-year-old engineer regularly visits germany. he and his wife studied in eastern germany. one of their sons were born in germany. today, this is where his children and grandchildren live. >> since i have german kids, the german government gave me be so without any trouble. the cuban government has always let me travel without difficulties. i do not even need an invitation. >> she is in a compare the situation. she is a lawyer and her father was born in spain. besides the cuban passport, she
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holds a spanish one, too. >> with this committee gives to the world are open to me. with this, everything is a bit more respected. money for traveling has to come from family members abroad >> as a lawyer, she is a well-trained, but with a salary equivalent to 30 year-old per month, they will not be boarding a charter flight soon. -- 30 euro per month. these two sisters also work for the government. the new freedom to travel is nonexistent for them. they do not even have passports. >> it costs too much. a new passport is the equivalent of $55. it will go up to $100 on january 14th.
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that is more than one month's pay. traveling is my dream, but i cannot do it. >> is the simper all cubans without relatives abroad. they have never set foot outside the island homeland, and they may never will. she says global will change. >> most cubans are glad to have the lost right back, but they are also sat in -- saddened. when will they use their rights? when it? >> and many feel frustrated about their country's economy, but they cannot go anywhere else to start over. but stay tuned.
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